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Under the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act, citizens of Oklahoma may can be licensed to carry concealed weapons / handguns and also open carry.

The process involves multiple different steps:

  • Successfully complete a handgun firearms licensing course such as ours
    • Cost = $50
  • Provide 2 x passport photos, available at a number of locations such as Wal-Mart, Walgreen's and CVS
    • Cost = $10-20
  • Fill out the OKSDA application and attach passport photos
  • Complete fingerprinting at your local sheriffs office
    • Cost = $25 (money order)
  • Submit the following documents
    • successful OKSDA Certificate of Completion
    • completed OKSDA license application
    • 2 x passport photos
    • fingerprint card
    • license fee
      • Cost = $100 for 5 years
      • Cost = $200 for 10 years
  • Once approved, your license will arrive in the mail.



When traveling out of state, each state has different handgun laws.  Because each state regulates firearms law differently and there is no obligation for one state to inform another of any changes to its law; therefore, we  suggest that you verify this information prior to travel.  In an effort  to make this process more convenient, links for each of these states  have been provided for you to check the status of reciprocity and proper procedure with each state through which you may be traveling prior to  your departure.

For a list of states which honor or provide reciprocity with Oklahoma, visit the OSBI’s website.  This list is just for reference. If you are traveling to another state, please check with that state’s law enforcement as to whether the Oklahoma Concealed Carry License is recognized.



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